Get Fit Nerd!

What is this?

This is my attempt to get back in to shape again after a long time of on/off going to the gym. This time, the intention is to get going more slowly rather that throwing myself in the deep end and getting exhausted and sore all the time.

Making one small change at a time is a much easier way to achieve a goal than diving all in! I started using the stairs up to the office instead of the lift and that change has stuck. That was the first big change to my exercise routine and it is one I have to do five days a week.

The next change is to add some structured exercise that can easily be fit in to any day, any place.

Structured Exercises

Building on the starting the idea is to keep to exercises that do not require going to the gym since it is easy to just not go!

Pushups and situps can be very easily performed at home and, since I walk and use public transport, I will track my steps taken throughout the day. This includes using the stairs to the office instead of using the lift.

Weight Logging

I'm heavy (120kg at time of writing). I am interested to see if my weight will change by much during this experiment. Only time will tell!